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…has become a stumbling block.  I just can’t seem to remember to go there.  I set up an account about a year ago and then promptly forgot about it….


Of all the 23 things I particularly enjoyed rediscovering Librarything – especially discovering, through trial and error of a range of passwords, that I already had three accounts!  I think this thing is useful – I read so many books but often struggle to remember what I have just read so it is a good way of keeping things under control and perhaps listing future reads amongst other things!!!  Just got to remember which account is which and get rid of the ones I’m not going to use…..

For me 23 Things has become a journey of (re)discovery and this includes RSS feeds.  I found in Google Reader quantities and I mean quantities of feeds that I had subscribed to and had completely forgotten about.  After deleting heaps and heaps of unread posts my task now is to sort out my feeds.  What do I really want to be reading about on a daily basis…….

Webmail – great, yes this is no problem

The blog – this is taking longer than I’d originally anticipated.  Seemed straightforward during the session with Amy last week.  Probably need to spend a bit more time getting my thoughts together on this….

Blogging!  Wow!  I’m finally creating a blog.  I do hope that it works (or rather that I find the time to do it) because I sense that it has the potential to pull together the bits and pieces of life and to provide an opportunity to reflect on them.  Well, we’ll see, I suppose.


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