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Most of my friends overseas have a gmail account and because of the difficulties with time zones, Google chat has been a great way of keeping in touch.  With time differences it’s always hard to find the right time to call someone, however gmail automatically tells you when someone is online so it provides a good opportunity to make contact.  This is great feature of gmail.


I use itunes U to locate interesting lectures and talks for my ipod.  I listen to them while I am walking around the river each morning.  I also subscribe to podcasts from the BBC.  They have such an amazing array of subjects to choose from.

I used delicious alot 2 or 3 (or 4 possibly) years ago, but I ended up having too many accounts which started to merge with each other.  The delicious account which links from the particpants page is one I had set up  awhile ago especially for library issues and Information Literacy.

I think I could get into the swing of blogging – it probably offers opportunities for reflection that I hadn’t considered before.  And it is different from using Facebook as a blog.

…is just such a part of daily life it’s hard to believe that it’s such a new phenomenon.  I think one of my favourite is one that Tracey sent to me  – the Sound of Music in the Antwerp train station and also the literal version of You’re beautiful is very funny.  But the list of things to discover on youtube is just amazing – what a great timewaster!!

I think my next post tonight will have to include a recipe for Raspberry crumble – you can’t possibly have a blog entitled Raspberry Crumble without some sort of reference to a good recipe (which I do have!).

…on the otherhand, is much more straightforward.  I really just use it to catch up with a few friends overseas.  During the holidays (January) I’m looking forward to sorting out some photos and using it more productively.


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